Dota Auto Chess Update: Alchemist returns, Doom nerfed and bench management gets easier

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  Dota Auto Chess got a sizable update on the 15th of March. That has been followed up with a few other changes on the 23rd of March. Even though the changes aren’t a lot, some of them are bound to have big impacts on the game. Let’s look at the big ones with their potential impacts.

  – Added an option to enable auto combination of pieces (disabled by default, you can enable it on the top right hand corner). When enabled, three identical pieces on waiting bench will automatically combine and promote into a +1★ piece. Druids don’t benefit from this feature.

  This is a huge benefit in the late game when the bench is full and you are rolling to find that elusive piece. Streamers and top players might make it look easy, but it isn’t always so, getting pieces on the board, combining them and bringing them back. A slight mistake and a piece gets sold! This change will make bench management a lot easier, creating space automatically when three similar pieces are on the bench. And in case you don’t like the feature, it can be disabled as well.

  – Triple kill sound effect will now be played when any piece eliminates 3 enemy pieces in a row.

  – Rampage sound effect and global announcement will be played when any piece eliminates 5 enemy pieces in a row. The piece gets puffed up as well.

  Not that this will have any major effect on the game, but it will bring more of a Dota 2 feel to the game.

  – Remade Alchemist: Chemical Rage now autocasts Acidic Spray around Alchemist, reducing the armor of nearby enemies. Lasts 15 sec.

  Alchemist was once upon a time one of the most sought out pieces in Dota Auto Chess. His Acid Spray was a powerful ability that reduced enemy armor and damaged the enemy. However, that was replaced by Chemical Rage, an ability very good in Dota 2 but not so much in Dota Auto Chess. Alch’s popularity crashed to the ground, but it might be back again. Acid Spray has been brought back into the game, but it isn’t the same as before. The Acid Spray gets deployed with Alchemist as the center of the circle. Not as useful as before when he used to spray it below a hoard of enemies, but not the worth considering the hero again.

  – Balanced Coup de Grace (Assassin’s Perk) critical strike chance from 10%/15%/20% to 15%/15%/15%.

  – Increased Phantom Assassin’s base attack damage by 10.

  A small, albeit good buff for PA. She is one of those heroes that is really more viable as a 2-star hero as the 1-star version gets bursted down quite easily. This makes the 1-star piece a bit better. Also, the increase in damage is amplified by the critical strike.

  – Decreased Medusa’s Stone Gaze stone duration from 2/3/4 sec to 2/2.5/3 sec.

  Medusa is one of the most popular late game heroes. Stone Gaze going off has the potential to completely reverse fights and but the time the opposition comes out of it, it’s too late a lot of times. And combining her with just one more Naga hero gives the entire team 30% magic resistance, which puts the hero on the brink of being broken. The 0.5 second reduction will for sure have an effect on her, as players prefer to get a 2-star Medusa before deploying her. Half a second may seem like a small amount of time, but in Dota Auto Chess, it’s a lot!

  – Balanced Doom duration from 20 sec to 10/15/20 sec.

  The jist of the situation was, once Doom uses Doom on a hero, there is no way that hero uses his/her ability for the round. 20 seconds was a large amount of time for a 1-star piece. This change beings some parity to it so that in long drawn fights, pieces have a chance to survive till the Doom wears off and then get off their ability.

  – Balanced Kunkka’s Ghostship cooldown from 10 sec to 15/12/9 sec.

  Multiple Ghost Ships on a level 1 Kunkka now seem highly improbable. Ghost Ship, like Stone Gaze, is a game changer. Having two game changing events from the same hero in a round tips the scales in his favor quite a bit. This is a fair change, and even though it is a slight buff to a 3-star Kunkka, it is very rare that we get to see one.

  Possibly, more exciting changes are one their way to Dota Auto Chess as there are rumors of Invoker, Zeus and Sven joining the fray along with a new species!

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